French WWI veteran
1991 © Lori Grinker  

1914-18 World War I
History's first mechanized, aerial conflict
9-10 million killed
1 million missing
21 million military wounded

1936-39 Spain
Civil war between Republicans and Fascists
500,000-1,000,000 killed

1939-45 World War II

Five-continent conflagration
50 million killed
Over 9 million military wounded

1945-49 China
Civil war between Mao Zedong’s Communists and Chiang Kai-shek’s Nationalists
Estimate: 1-4 million killed

1950-53 Korea
United Nations and Chinese-sponsored battle between North and South Korea
3-4 million killed and missing
over 2 million wounded

1946-54 Indochina
War over disintegrating French colonial empire in Asia
300,000-600,000 killed

1954-62 Algeria
Conflict between France and its former colony
230,000-1.2 million killed

1965 Malaysia
“Britain’s Small Wars” in former colony
45,000-300,000 killed

1971 Bangladesh
East Pakistan War of Independence
500,000-1,000,000 killed

1973 Israel
Yom Kippur (or October) War between Israel and combined Arab nations
11,000-23,000 killed

1965-75 Vietnam
War between American-supported South Vietnamese government and Ho Chi Minh’s Communist forces
2-3 million killed
over one million military wounded

1982 Falklands (Malvinas)
British invasion following Argentina’s occupation of the British-held islands
1000 killed

1979-83 El Salvador
Civil wars between right-wing militarists and left-wing rebels
Over 75,000 killed

1982-85 Lebanon
Israeli invasion and occupation of a “security zone” in southern Lebanon
2000-3000 killed

1979-89 Afghanistan
War prompted by the invasion of the Russian military
1.3 million killed
over 460,000 Russian soldiers wounded or debilitated

1973-91 Eritrea-Ethiopia

Eritrean fight for autonomy
Over 130,000 killed

1990-91 Persian Gulf
Multinational invasion to force Iraq’s withdrawal from Kuwait
100,000 killed

1987-93 Intifada
Battle between Palestinian civilians
and the Israeli Defense Forces
900 killed

1992-95 Bosnia

Nationalist and ethnic conflict between countries of the former Yugoslavia
200,000 killed

1990-96 Liberia
Ethnic war between various Liberian factions
Over 200,000 killed

1975-98 Cambodia
Civil wars and conflict with Vietnam
50,000-250,000 killed

1968-1998 Northern Ireland
The “troubles” between Catholics and Protestants
3500 killed
36,000 wounded

1983 – Sri Lanka
Civil war between the Sri Lankan government and Tamil secessionists
60,000 killed

2003 Iraq
United States and British lead invasion to oust Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein
30,000 Iraqi soldiers killed, 90,000 wounded
over 1000 US soldiers killed, 5000 wounded
estimated 13-15,000 Iraqi civilians killed, 24,000 wounded